Our Lenses

See.Saw.Seen and Zeiss are working together to provide you with the best quality lenses.  Zeiss is the world's leading manufacturer in precision optics, it combines technical expertise and innovative ideas to create exceptional visual experience.  We use Zeiss products on different types of lenses, we provide nothing but the best to our customers.

Prescription Lenses: Protect Your Eyes by Getting The Best

Your eyes are one of the most vital sensory organs on your body. Why are you trusting them any old pair of eyeglasses? A great lens will protect your eyes from Ultraviolet rays, improve the clarity of your vision and help you forget you are even wearing them. We consider our lenses all of the above. 

Polycarbonate VS. High Index 1.67/1.74 Aspheric 

Our polycarbonate lenses are made of the same material as bullet proof glass, which means these lenses will stand up to the toughest wearer, such as your little one playing contact sports. 
It is recommended that children under 18 years old use polycarbonate lenses for safety purposes.  We want to protect them with the best possible product because we are just as concerned about the safety of your child’s eyes as you are. 

Our polycarbonate lenses are our standard option, but you can upgrade the lenses to High Index 1.67 Aspheric lenses. In fact, we recommend you do so, if you or a loved one needs prescriptive lenses over -4.00D.
For prescription over -6.00D, we recommend Ultra High Index 1.74.  Aspheric lens appears thinner than polycarbonate, which hides the exact strength of your prescription lenses. Aspheric lenses are lightweight with curves to reduce distortion for maximum ease of wear. High Index 1.67 and Ultra High Index 1.74 Aspheric lenses are not standard and incur an additional fee.

Lens Coatings

All of our lenses offer the following coatings for the best possible eyeglasses wearing experience and eye protection for you, your spouse and your children. 

100 Percent UV Protection 
This coating protects the eyes from all Ultraviolet rays. Children, in particular, benefit from the UV protection, because their pupils are wider and take in more UVs. Additionally, the coating helps to prevent eye diseases, like pterygium, macular degeneration, and cataracts. 

Our standard scratch-resistant coating comes in handy when you drop your glasses, your child stuffs theirs into their book bag, or you use a paper towel to clean them. While no pair of eyeglasses are completely scratch-proof, the coating will keep most potential scratches from leaving a mark. 

Anti-reflective coating reduces glare and ghost images from oncoming traffic and overhead fluorescent lighting. This reduces the strain of wearing eyeglasses on the eye.  It also allows others to see your eyes better and clearer.

Our eyeglasses include anti-reflective, scratch resistant, UV coating to give you or your child’s eyes the best view and protection. Stop beating up your or a loved one’s eyes with those old glasses. All eyes deserve our top of the line eyeglass lenses.